DevRel provide simple price plans.

Choose for the purpose: the blog is basic content marketing, acting as the your evangelist.

Every prices are monthly fee.
  • Mini
    $3,000 Subscribe
  • 6 articles/month
  • Manage a social media
  • Join an other meetup.
    Once a month
  • Holding a meeup.
    Every second month.
  • Midium
    $4,200 Subscribe
  • 12 articles/month
  • Manage a social media
  • Join an other meetup.
    Twice a month
  • Holding a meeup.
    Twice in three months.
  • Administrate online community.


Answers to frequently asked questions about rates and service plans.

Q. What is "Join an other meetup" ?

A. We participate to meetup or seminar that other companies or communities hold it. If they want to call for paper, we will aggressively presentate your product/service.

Q. What is "Holding a meetup" ?

A. The meetup that your company is organized. We'll make a plan, contact other speakers, and announce audiences. We take a survey after the event, and make report for you.

Q. Where does blog store?

A. If you already have a blog, we write on there. If not, we will make a blog and write articles. We stop to write before revire, you change status to public the articles.

Q. May a service customize?

A. Yes, you may. We provide only maintenance documents, develop for developers site, make planning meetup, and something you want.

Q. Is there more big plan?

A. Yes, we have. Plan name "Big" is holding a meetup every month, 3 times join an other meetups, write 12 articles per month. It is $6,000 per month.

Q. How long is minimum contract period?

A. A month. You can quit any time. But we don't do refund.

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MOONGIFT manages blog introduce open source software every day from 2004. We put a knowledge or connection of developers to use the DevRel.

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