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ニフティクラウド mobile backend

Nifty Cloud mobile backend

Nifty Cloud mobile backned is kind of mBaaS(Mobile Backend as a Service) provider. mBaaS provide to support smart phone application development such as database, file storage, push notification and authorization.

Develop your awesome smart phone application | Nifty Cloud mobile backend


hifive is HTML5 framework for corporate web systems. You can develop a web system easily with large group of people and large scale JavaScript system. They support tablet and smart phone both.

hifive - HTML5 Development Platform for Corporate Web Systems - hifive


Sakura's Knowledge by Sakura internet

Sakura's knowledge is a blog for IT engineers and server-side engineers. Their categories is widely such as virual technologies like Docker, install software tutorials for beginners.

Sakura's knowledge by Sakura internet

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MOONGIFT manages blog introduce open source software every day from 2004. We put a knowledge or connection of developers to use the DevRel.

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