About DevRel

“The product have not spread to the market”

“Leading company attachs us using sales force and advertisement”

“We don't know what is important and differentiation point for developers”

Every day, new services born on the internet. And a number of companies create quickly similar service like popular service. In such economy, we have to consider it how to differentiate others and how to spread our product.

DevRel is the answer. DevRel is short of Developer Relations: It's a marketing activities that creates relations with external developers and get to know our product or services.

DevRel is a Co-Creation with Developers

DevRel is a one of public relations service for your product or service to get to know outside developers. Principal actions are below.

  • Write blog articles.
  • Write an originaly content for external media
  • Holding a meetup or seminar
  • Present about a product/service in external meetup or community event
  • Administer an online community
  • Operate social media accounts

We'll go to the ongoing actions that developers recognize your product/service with online and real world. And we listen developer's voice and needs, we'll feed back for your developement team. It should be available in your service. This is actually co-creation with foreign developers.

The Community is robust assets, competitors never break it

Relations with developers are your intangible assets. It is as strong as it needs a lot of time, other competitors don't make it in a minute. The DevRel encourage strongly a mold community.

When there are similar services, mind share or developer relation are a extremely element for remain in developer's selection. The DevRel has a power to allow it.

DevRel is a marketing activity

When new product/service launched, developers will make voluntarily planning a event. But it end only few times. Also developer's blog is same, too. At first, every members have a motivation, they can't write soon for their hard works. Blog that has been left for obsolete , there will be even likely to prejudice the brand.

Why it happend? Because it has only personal motivation. We should be to analyze results of activities, we should decide an aim for actions. The DevRel has an appropriate goal, and we make continuously activities such as take a survey, send a e-mail magazine.

We provide a systematic DevRel

The DevRel is an evangelism marketing. Skillfull person publish a your product/service. Most company has only one evangelist in their company. If the person quit a job or move to different division, every activities are stopped. It is a horrible risk.

Technical trends are changing hardly. When it stoped, competitors increase their share. Our DevRel support service is group activities (more than one person) including back-up system.

About us

MOONGIFT manages blog introduce open source software every day from 2004. We put a knowledge or connection of developers to use the DevRel.

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